GST's  Biofuels Biomass
Sorghum Hybrid 45
Contains more Sugar than Sugarcane and/or Corn, requires
less water and fertilizers and    it is drought Resistance.

Performace trials at Fort Collins by Colorado State
University's  "Agricultural Experiment Station" prove that our
CSSH-45 had the highest sugar content (Brix) among 17 of
the worlds best Sweet Sorghums including Monsanto's
Technical Report TR13-01.(January 2013)
Sorghum Compared to Corn

Better water utilisation efficiency - Sorghum has two-fold bigger root system and half
the leaf transpiring area compare to corn. It requires 30 to 50% less water than corn to
produce a unit of dry matter.
Dormancy- Sorghum stays dormant during drought stress and recovers with rain,
whereas this recovery is not found in corn.
Better grain filling– Sorghum stays green and sheds more pollen to assure seed set
under high temperature.  Corn shed less pollen and creates silk delay resulting in partial
grain fill.
Low cost feed- Silage sorghum requires 70% of corn fertilizer program, no insect
control and can be harvested with camper head forage harvester.
Feed quality- Nutritive value is comparable to corn. Harvesting at 120 days after
planting will optimize nutritive value of sorghum silage.
Assured feed supply-  Sorghum being an excellent drought and heat tolerant crop will
ensure feed supply even in dry years.

Characteristics of sorghum  HYBRID 45:

        Recommended for one time harvesting to make silage or green for dairy and  beef
        Forage dry matter yield of  5 -7 t/a
        Very leafy, it takes 120 -125 days to reach to high moisture (25-30% moisture)
        Soluble sugar having brix average over three years 15.8%
Sorghum Hybrid 45
produces 15% more
forage dry matter yields
than silage corn, in field
Table 1- Management Guide Hybrid 45